NVIDIA New Chatbot : Chat With RTX AI Chatbot Features and how to use it !

Let us tell you that NVIDIA is a gaming graphics card manufacturing company, NVIDIA has been ruling the graphics card market for the last twenty years.

Currently the company is working on many futuristic AI and robots, recently the company has released its AI Chatbot.

NVIDIA has recently released its new AI Chatbot in the market, which is named Chat With RTX.

It is being told by the company that this chatbot has just come with initial technology, continuous updates will be given in it from time to time, due to which it will leave behind big AI like Chatgpt in the coming time.

Currently it is a bit difficult to use, if you want to get the answer to something from it, you will have to give a good command first.

According to experts, it is being said that this AI is not yet capable of understanding and answering Hindi questions.

Internet's largest AI chatbot Chat Gpt is the biggest rival of this new chatbot from NVIDIA.

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