DUNE Part 3 Release Date, Cast and all Details

Big news! Director Denis Villeneuve announces the making of “DUNE Part 3”!

It's only been a little while since the second part of Dune was released, but as those who have seen the film know, the story of Arrakis is not over yet.

Dune Part 2 is expected to be a hit at the box office, so Warner Bros. would definitely want to make a third film in the series.

On the other hand, director Denis Villeneuve is also very excited about this idea. He has even said that he is already working on the script of the third film and if he likes it, he will make it.

The biggest question regarding DUNE Part 3 is when will it come. Director Denis Villeneuve has made it clear that he does not intend to make the next film immediately.

According to film director Denis Villeneuve, if a third film of Dune is made, its story will probably be based on the book “Dune Messiah”.

“Dune 3” may also have larger roles for Florence Pugh (“Princess Irulan”), Léa Seydoux (“Margot Fenring”) and Anya Taylor-Joy (“Alia Atreides”), who first appeared in “Dune 2.” I went.

It will probably take many years for Dune 3 to arrive. At the earliest, it may come in 2028, but we may have to wait till 2030 to see the end of this film.

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