Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024 KGF star Yash will be seen with Sai Pallavi

Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024 : We all got to see the recent announcement video of Rocking Star Yash’s next film i.e. Toxic. After watching this, we too were excited for a long time. Let us tell you that after the tremendous success of the KGF franchise, superstar Rocking Star Yash Toxic is coming with a tremendous action film.

Everyone is going to be visible too. Whose teaser was revealed to all of us just a few months ago. If we talk about rocking star Yash, then which actress is going to be with him in this movie.

Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024

Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024
Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024

Which actress is going to be there and who is going to win everyone’s heart with her style? So according to the reports on social media, South’s famous actress Sai Pallavi will be seen in the lead role in this toxic film along with rocking star Yash.

This will be the first time in the film that Sai Pallavi is going to be a part of this film coming from the film industry. That is why the fans of Rocking Star Yash as well as the fans of Sai Pallavi are very excited to see Yes and their pairing.

Toxic’s hype

Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024
Toxic Hindi Trailer 2024

And at the same time, let us also tell you that after the release of KGF Chapter 2, we all have not been able to see the rocking star Yash Toxic System for a long time through a movie and due to that, it has become bigger than this. He will be seen on screen again in the film Toxic, hence there is a lot of hype going on about this film on social media.

People are very excited to see it and hence the budget of the film is going to be very high level. Because in the film we are going to see a lot of advanced technology being used as well as many new technologies like VFX.

Toxic Movie Budget

Therefore, if we look at the budget of Toxic film according to social media, it is said to be more than 300 crores. That’s why even Marx is not going to let this movie remain limited to Kannada language only. So I will release this movie pan India. The makers will release this movie in more than four languages. The companion film is going to be at the level of a Pen India film. If we talk about this movie, then about its release date when he shared its announcement video.

Toxic Movie Release Date

Merck, the partner of all these, also decides the final and final release date of these movies and also told you that the fans of Rocking Star Yash will see this film releasing on 10th April 2025. It will take more than a year for the film to be released and the excitement among fans is already increasing for its release.

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