Scheme for Housewife : Special for women, now make double the money!

Scheme for Housewife : Everyone knows that one money saved is equal to one money earned. Generally it is seen that women have relatively good habit of saving money. In such a situation, all the women who take care of the house, apart from spending money on essential goods and services, keep saving something or the other regularly.

This money gradually gets deposited in a wallet at home. Month after month it increases and may range from thousands to perhaps even lakhs.

Your money kept at home also becomes unsafe because there is always a risk of theft. Let us tell you today about safe options through which you can earn some extra money from this money without investing in the equity market or in business.

This extra earning is great in this case because it is safe and certain. While money kept at home does not earn any income, with these options you earn in the form of interest. So let us know complete information about it.

Scheme for Housewife –Savings Account

Scheme for Housewife
Scheme for Housewife

This may seem like a very common option to you, but it is definitely a better option than just keeping the money lying in your wallet at home. Savings account is actually a deposit account opened in a bank or financial institution where you deposit money, interest is also earned on it. Minimum balance has to be maintained in it but since this will be your savings, you will maintain it normally.

If you are using it like a wallet-account. Now when it comes to earning, some institutions are even offering up to 7 percent interest on savings accounts to attract the attention of customers. While some give only around 2 percent like Bank of Baroda and Bank of India is giving interest at the rate of 2.75 percent. Whereas RBL Bank Limited gives 7.50% interest.

The special thing about this account is that it is like an emergency fund. You can withdraw money from here at the time of job loss, medical reasons, sudden repairs etc. From ATM to online transfer, it gives you good options to withdraw money.

Scheme for Housewife-Recurring Deposit (RD)

Scheme for Housewife
Scheme for Housewife

Recurring Deposit (RD) is a unique term deposit that Indian banks offer to their customers. It is an investment tool that helps people make regular deposits and get good returns on investment. It frequently offers customers freedom and ease of investing because of the monthly contributions and interest.

Let us tell you that you should not consider RD as FD, both are different. A monthly fixed amount investment with good interest can be made by an RD account user. RD is an effective investing technique in addition to saving.

Scheme for Housewife-Gold bar or Digital Gold

She has been buying gold jewellery, but can buy gold bars with the money deposited in this wallet. Or digital gold, this is an online digital form of gold, you can buy it through many mobile applications. The good thing is that you can also buy gold worth Rs 1 through these apps. You can invest in digital gold in small amounts. There is no limit for purchasing gold.

You can buy or sell gold according to its weight or fixed amount. To buy digital gold, the investor always has to get in touch with a third party. Whenever you place an order for digital gold, it is kept in the safe on your behalf and the agent buys the same quantity of gold for the investor. Here’s how to purchase digital gold. After receiving payment, the agent pays the proceeds into the investor’s account and sells the gold at market value.

Scheme for Housewife-Fixed Deposit (FD)

Scheme for Housewife
Scheme for Housewife

Despite the wide range of investing options accessible today, a significant portion of the population still uses fixed deposits. This is because investors in fixed deposits are certain that their money will be secure and that they will get interest that is guaranteed. For some time now, very good interest has also been available on fixed deposits.

You can use FD to double the cash in a few years in such a scenario. 

Know here the method through which you can easily understand how much time will it take for the money you invest in FD or any other scheme to double.

Using this technique, you can quickly determine which scheme will double your money in the most years—not just FD, but any other scheme as well. By using this formula, you can compare all the schemes and choose the better scheme for yourself. In most cases this rule gives almost correct figures. However, there may be a slight difference in the result.


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