ITR Filing Tips and Tricks : ITR filers should know these tips, if any mistake happens then notice can reach home!

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks : The last date for filing income tax (ITR Filing Last Date) is fast approaching. Many people have filed tax returns, but there are many people who have not filed ITR yet. Till now the government has not extended the last date for filing ITR, so you can submit your ITR file till 31st July.

If you wait for its last date, then perhaps later the website will face problems due to overcrowding and then you may have to pay a fine. In such a situation you should submit your ITR file as soon as possible so that you can get relief later. Don’t have to face any problem.

Let us know which 9 things you should keep in mind before filing ITR.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks-First of all you have to download Form 16 or 16A.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks
ITR Filing Tips and Tricks

To file ITR, an employed person will first need Form-16. That form contains all the information about the tax levied on salary, not only this, the breakup of salary is also there.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks-Check TDS and TCS information in 26AS form

Before filing income tax return, definitely check the 26AS form. This form contains your tax information. If you feel that any information is not correct, you can get it corrected in time. However, it takes 7-10 days to correct any information. Therefore, you have to check Form 26AS 15-20 days before filing ITR.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks-Check Income and TDS-TCS details in AIS Form

Once you have checked Form 26AS, you must match it with the AIS form. Because the AIS form contains information about which transactions you have done throughout the year. If you feel that any transaction has been left out while filing ITR, then definitely inform it while filing ITR.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks-Get Capital Gain Statement Form

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks
ITR Filing Tips and Tricks

If you have invested in stocks or mutual funds, it is important to obtain a capital gains statement. because there is a 10% tax on long-term gains exceeding Rs 1 lakh.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks- Must check the interest received on bank balance and deposits.

Most taxpayers do not report their income from other sources, which also includes their interest income. You have to keep in mind that if you get income from bank deposits or deposits in any other scheme, then you are required to declare it while filing ITR.

Also tell the income earned from crypto

If you invest your money in crypto, then while filing ITR, you will also have to keep in mind that you will also have to declare the earnings on your crypto assets. 30% interest on crypto has been announced in this year’s budget. In such a situation, this tax will not be charged while filing ITR.

Provide information about foreign assets and income

While filing ITR, you will also have to tell where your assets are located abroad. If you own property abroad, you will have to inform the Income Tax Department.

Check Exemption in Final Form

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks
ITR Filing Tips and Tricks

When you submit your file, check all the information filled in it at once. Don’t file your tax return in a hurry.

ITR Filing Tips and Tricks-Verify Tax Return

  • Just filling the ITR is not enough, after filling the ITR it is also necessary to get it verified.
  • You can easily verify your tax return with your Aadhaar OTP, but your Aadhaar must be linked to the PAN card.
  • If you want, you can also verify your tax by logging into your Net Banking account.
  • You can also verify your tax return through an ATM.


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