Code of conduct implemented, Where will your vote go, choose wisely

Code of Conduct : The code of conduct has come into force and now the Election Commission has become all-powerful. The code of conduct is implemented about a month before the Lok Sabha elections. After the implementation of the code of conduct in the entire country, many types of restrictions are imposed on the leaders and many people involved in the government. In such a situation, the public gets an opportunity to think about which political party their vote should go to.

Let us know in today’s article what restrictions were imposed on the leaders and people involved in the government after the implementation of the code of conduct and why you should consider who should get your precious vote, after all it is your right and it’s The choice entirely depends on you.

Code of Conduct implemented : Lok Sabha Election 2024

Code of conduct
Code of conduct

Lok Sabha elections are about to be held in 2024 and the Election Commission has announced its dates on Saturday. The code of conduct has also been activated across the country on Saturday, March 16 so that free and fair elections can be conducted in our country. As we told you that as soon as the Code of Conduct comes into force, many changes are made in government work.

Due to the implementation of the code of conduct, some restrictions are definitely imposed in the government work, but the general public also gets time to make their right choice and cast their vote in the right party. A time when no truth or lie of any kind will be promised by any party. The public can completely think with an empty mind that based on the work done in the last 5 years and on the basis of the activities going on in the country, based on their comfort and convenience, which party should they vote for.

After all, our country is democratic and its reins are in the hands of the people. In this 1 month’s time, the public can take its own decision as to which political party it wants to hand over the reins of this country. Although this decision completely depends on you, whoever you choose will be in the hands of the reins of this country for the next 5 years. I am not talking about any particular party, I am just asking you to think a little and take the decision.

Let us know what tasks political parties cannot do after the implementation of the code of conduct so that no psychological pressure of any kind can be placed on your mind and you can be completely free to choose a right democratic king.

Changes occurring after the implementation of the code of conduct

Code of conduct
Code of conduct

Ban on all government announcements

  • It is clearly stated in the guidelines of the election panel that after the implementation of the code of conduct, no minister or officer or government employee can declare any financial grant or make any post in respect of it.
  • During the code of conduct, no person associated with the government, except civil servants, can start any kind of scheme.
  • During this period, construction of roads, provision of drinking water facilities etc. cannot be promised to the public.

Ban on transfer of officers and employees

Code of conduct
Code of conduct

Until the process of Central Government i.e. Lok Sabha elections is completed, all the officers and employees work like the employees of the Election Commission and they cannot be given any transfer or posting of any kind. If it is extremely important then permission of the Commission will have to be taken.

Ban on use of government money

  • After the code of conduct becomes active, government money cannot be used for any kind of advertisement or public gathering or public relations. If any such advertisement is already running to attract the public then it should be removed.
  • No new planning, construction, inauguration etc. work can be done. If this work has already started then it will definitely continue.
  • If the government wants to take any step or measure in case of any natural disaster or epidemic during the code of conduct, then it will have to first take the permission of the Election Commission.
  • Any government vehicle or machinery cannot be used for the benefit of one’s own party.
  • Public places like grounds for holding election meetings and helipads for flights should be on the same terms and conditions for all parties and candidates during the Code of Conduct

Rules related to publicity

Code of conduct
Code of conduct
  • No temple, mosque, church, gurudwara or any religious place can be used for election campaign.
  • Political parties can use vehicles for campaigning as per their wish, but for that they will have to first take permission from the Returning Officer.
  • Before holding an election rally, procession or election meeting, it is mandatory for all political parties to obtain police permission.
  • No rally of any kind can be held after 10:00 pm and before 6:00 am and use of DJ, etc. is also prohibited.
  • No government vehicle can be used for publicity

Some important rules to be implemented on the election day

Code of conduct
Code of conduct
  • It is the right of all political parties that voting should take place in a peaceful and orderly manner and voters should not face any kind of inconvenience, they should be given the opportunity to make the right choice with complete freedom. All political parties will have to support the officers posted on election duty.
  • There is a complete ban on the sale of liquor in any government liquor vend or English liquor vend during the 24 hours preceding and on the day of voting.
  • Ban on gathering of any kind of unnecessary crowd by political parties and candidates near polling stations.

We hope that the information given by us will help you in choosing.

Disclaimer is not advising you to vote for any political party. According to your thinking, you can elect your candidate by voting for him. So vote for what is right and take your country forward. We hope you won’t let your vote go to waste.

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