Why Apple shut Down EV car project : Once company talked About to buy Tesla ?

Apple shut Down EV car project : Apple has scrapped plans to build its own AI-powered smart cars, firing 2,000 employees working on its electric car project, Project Titan. This smart car was intended to compete with Tesla. While all this is in the headlines now, did you know that Apple once negotiated to buy Tesla?

Apple negotiated to buy Tesla?

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, in 2015, EV manufacturing companies were in financial trouble. Elon Musk proposed to Tim Cook to buy Tesla, but on one condition: he would become the new Apple CEO. Musk said that Cook would take a higher position on the board, but he would become the head of the company. Cook decided not to hold any meeting with Musk on this matter.

According to the New York Times, Apple negotiated with Elon Musk to buy Tesla, but the deal did not go through. Later, Apple decided to create its own smart car, rather than integrate its own company.

Apple Electric Car

Apple shut Down EV car project
Apple shut Down EV car project

Then Apple planned to create a Siri-controlled car, in which there would be no steering wheel or pedals. But, this autonomous car never came to the fore and it was banned in the beginning.

This project has seen unprecedented progress throughout its life, and has come to an end when many of the world’s biggest automakers are investing less in electric vehicles and focusing on hybrid models. According to Bloomberg, employees working on Project Titan will be shifted to the company’s artificial intelligence (AI) division.

“If this is true, Apple will want to focus more on GenAI, and it will give investors more confidence in the company’s efforts and ability to compete at the platform level on AI,” says Ben Bajarin, consulting firm Creative Strategies. ‘s chief executive, as Reuters reported.

Responding to a post on Apple’s electric car plans, Elon Musk responded with a salute and cigar emoji :

Why did the Apple shut Down EV car project ?

Apple shut Down EV car project
Apple shut Down EV car project

As we know, Apple is a smartphone manufacturing company. There is a lot of competition among people to buy smartphones from this company. Today you will find Apple smartphones in the hands of 6 out of 10 people. Let us tell you that about 10 years ago, Apple Company had started a project to launch its own electric car. So far this company has spent airport dollars on this project. And now this report has come out that this company is going to close this project. Reports are saying that this is the main reason for the company to close this project. There is artificial intelligence. For example, a big car manufacturer like Tesla has started introducing Artificial Intelligence in its vehicles many years ago.

Apple shut Down EV car project
Apple shut Down EV car project

But Apple has not yet started any work on Artificial Intelligence. We get to see Artificial Intelligence in the recently launched smartphone Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra. Samsung is a direct competitor of Apple. After the launch of S24 Ultra, questions started rising on the company as to when the company will start working on Artificial Intelligence. Some experts say that if Apple still does not start work on Artificial Intelligence, then soon this company may reach the verge of closure. Because people have a habit of seeing something new every day. When the company launches every new smartphone, it pays attention to adding as many features as possible in its camera. There is no doubt that the smartphones of Apple are very good and the experience of using them is also very good.


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